Facilities and Activities

The following facilties are available in KYRI

Satyanand Yoga Asham: The Ashram is centrally located River side of Gomti in Lucknow, 6 km for away from railway station. The adi-Ganga Gomti, the lifeblood of Lucknow, flows quite close by. There is a bridge on the river, built from red stone called it lalpul or pacca pul. Satyananda ashram is situated east words to Pacca Pul, against a background of natural splendor, surrounded by gardens. In the ancient past, the site of ashram was the seat of Kondilya Rishi. Here he performed great acts of tapasaya (Austerity and sacrifice) sadhana (spiritual endeavor) which are still remembered today. For the purpose of meditation and kundalini sadhana, an underground sanctum has been built within the ashram, to facilitate the process of kundalini awakening without an interruption.

Yogashram is a unique place of spiritual retreat, wherein the modern aspirant or devotee can recharge and recreate his being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Maintaining the ancient traditions and practices, the teachings of Ashram provide practical techniques and methods to bring simplicity, harmony and balance into the modern world. Yoga at Ashram is not just a practice, but a lifestyle which offers an experience of complete integration of the human personality.