Kundalini Disorders

Kundalini disorders involve wrong movement of prana, causing disturbed mental or neuromuscular functioning. Kundalini disorder may involve some portion of kundalini energy going out into the peripheral nadis, rather than to sushumna. If some portion of the kundalini energy enters the solar channel (Pingala nadi), excess Pita and Tejas is created with excess heat and anger in the system causing pride and a dominating attitude. If it enters the lunar channel (Ida nadi) excess kapha is created. The person may put on much weight along with developing psychic abilities including unstable emotional states. If the kundalini goes back and forth between these two nadi, vata disorders can be created with insomnia, hallucination, fear and anxiety etc. Kundalini may cause problems. Some of the symptoms are:

1. Lapsing easily into meditation.

2. Dizziness (if there is poor blood circulation).

3. Sudden crying spells (this is just a release of pent up emotions).

4. Pressure of pain along the spine.

5. Pain along the right or left side of chest.

6. Pressure in the eyes – visual aberrations.

7. Pressure in the forehead.

8. Pressure in the top of the head.

9. Respiration slowed dangerously low.

10. Heat and cold in various parts of the body.

11. The feeling of pulsating leaf around the pelvic area, the abdomen and head.

12. A sense of emptiness, of not being "here".

13. Irritability.