Features of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini brings about rapid spiritual transformation in the personality of a sadhaka. One of the important consequences of the rapid spiritual transformation in the personality of sadhaka is that his range of cognition is enhanced almost limitlessly. A sadhaka can have intuitive awareness of pure consciousness and bliss which is the ultimate reality, and pure spontaneity (svacchanda) which is the ultimate source of creative upsurge in Nature.

1. Behaviour Changes

Increased spiritual practices (prayer, meditation), increased focus on spiritual issues and settings, increased study of spiritual topics, powers of oratory on spiritual matters, increased enjoyment of beauty, increased desire for a similar, more balanced lifestyle, increased rest and relaxation, increased uplifting physical activity (walking, gardening, singing, dancing), increased activities involving creativity and concentration, increased focus on and great energy for purposeful work, increased altruistic service activities.

2. External Physical Changes

Automatic gesturing of the arms and hands (mudras), spontaneous posturing (Kriyas), deep automatic breathing of retention of breath (pranayama) engaging the three bandhas (contracting blocks at the anus, abdomen and throat), glossalalia (spontaneously reciting, mantras, prayers or poems, singing hymns, or speaking foreign language unknown to the individual), feeling buoyant and full of energy, the face glowing.

3. Emotional Condition Changes

Spontaneous waves of bliss, joy and contentment, deep compassion, deviational focus, spiritual yearning, increased capacity for love and forgiveness, increased sensitivity to others feeling, increased altruism, increased feeling of unity with creation, decreased materialism and greed, increased desire to heal from emotional issues, loss of fear death, emotional balance in perturbed conditions.

4. Mental Factors Changes

Flashes of genius, improved concentration, increased mental flexibility. The mind becoming inward and vacant.

5. Personality Factors Changes

Increased peak experience, increased self-actualizing, increased spiritual impulse, increased maturation of the personality, increased personal magnetism, high developed moral sense, increased virtue, increased insight regarding personal issues.

6. Occult and Mystical Phenomena

Prophetic visions, precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinetic experience, astral travel, past lives recall, ability to heal or to balance disturbed energies in self and others, ability to see auras, feeling able to influence another's mind or know the contents of their mind, intuitive awareness, encounters with non-material entities (the deceased).

7. Spiritual Phenomena

Divine altered states, experience of deep unitive and expansive consciousness, all these of separateness disappears, profound feeling of connection with a spiritual source, expanded comprehensive of reality, powers of spiritual oratory and composition, increased experience of unusual synchronistic events, greater incidence of prayer coming true, spontaneously going into deep meditative practice at regular times.