Lucknow Heritage Walk

Kundalini Yoga Research Institute conduct "Lucknow Heritage Walk". Old Lucknow – Chowk has had a considerable size of Hindu and Muslim population, long before the days of Emperior Akbar. In 1950 when Emperor Akbar divided the whole of India into twelve provinces, Lucknow was selected as the seat of the subedar a governor of awadh in 1775, with Asaf-ud-Daula's occasion, the town of Lucknow acquired great splender. To the west of Machchi Bhawan on the banks of the river Gomti, he built Daulat Khana as a residence for himself, the Rumi Darwaza and incomparable Bada Imambara. After the revolt of 1857, the needs of the new master grafted a different built environment onto the city. A hybrid city was created that was peculiar and typical of the colonial era. The first phase of restructuring of the old city was therefore done by the British, in accordance to their needs. The aim of the heritage walk is to make the people aware about the rich cultural heritage of the city. The purpose of this walk is to make the new generation aware about our assets and heritage and teach them how to conserve it. The honour of Lucknow has increased as it stands at the 3rd position in the heritage zone and this place is word acclaimed. We should conserve the city's culture, language, buildings is such way, that visitors are happy to see and feel them.

Lucknow heritage walk is important to conserve the culture and monumental heritage of the city. When the cultural heritage of our country is so rich, then to need to make this generation aware about this heritage, it is important that we conduct such heritage walk, Lucknow is famous for its rich architectural beauty of using "Lakhori" bricks, fragrance of Itra (perfume), refined speech, unique entertainment style, costumes' and manner of locals.

We invite you to see and experience Lucknow, not only its well known tourist destinations but also the lesser known and equally fascinating parts of the city.

The Lucknow heritage walks take place every weekend and conducted by experienced and knowledgeable walk leaders/volunteers. Visitors are provided with illustrated information material which includes relevant facts about the monuments, a route map etc.

Kundalini Yoga Research Institute conducts two types of walks: Regular and Customized.

A. Regular walk are conducted every weekend in the following route.

1. Gate of Bara Imambara: Heritage walk starting point.

2. Naubat Khana

3. Shahi Bauli

4. Imambara Asaf-ud-daula

5. Asafi Masjid

6. Rumi Gate: Signature of Lucknow

7. Machhi Bhawan Cemetery

8. Company Bagh (Victoria Park)

9. Gol-Darwaza : Khun Khun ji Kothi

10. Police Station 1905 (Kothi Nawab Aali Qadar)

11. Machhali wali Baradari (Bhola Nath Darmshala)

12. Sri Kalli Ji's Ram Mandir: Refreshment Point

13. King's Unani Hospital-1834

14. Kaptan Ka Kuwan (Fateh Ali Khan)

15. Farangi Mahal- Madrasa-e-Nizamia (Hata-a-Charag Beg) Aurangzeb's Farman

16. Traditional 'Kotha' Opp. Farangi Mahal

17. Haveli visited by Gandhi, Nehru, Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

18. Phool Wali Gali

19. Sambhavnath Jain temple

20. Old Haveli with traditional doorway

21. Havelis of Katari tola: architectural beauty of using 'Lakhori'.

22. Nepali Temple

23. Baba Vishwanath temple (Chota Kashi)

24. Krishna temple

25. Nepali Khoti: Nawab's healing centre

26. Hiran Park : Ist Cinema Hall in Chowk, "Laxmi Theatre"

27. Taksal wali Gali- Shershah Suri

28. Meer Anees's Mazar & Haveli- Founder of Marsia

29. Tehsin Ki Masjid

30. Akbari Darwaza: End of the walk


The fees per person is Rs. 200/-, visitors needs to register by completing the form (Click Here).

(B) Customized walks are conducted based on special requests.

The itinerary of these walk is customized to the needs of the visitors. Visitors need to register by completing the form (click here) indicating their areas of interest.

  • Old Chowk Bazar (Morning or Evening)
  • Sham-e-Awadh
  • Bara Imambara to Chota Imambara (Evening)
  • Traditional Nakhas Bazar (Sundry morning only)
  • Hazratganj (Evening only)
  • Qaiser Bagh


The fees per peson is Rs. 400/- for 2 hrs walk. visitors needs to register by completing the form (Click Here).

We organize customize walks specially suited to your requirement. You can choose:

  • Area you want to explore
  • Day of visit
  • Time of visit

Meeting Point: Gate of Bara Imambara/ Naubatkhana

Walking Distance: Approx 2.5 km.

Duration: About 2 hours

What to wear and carry:

  • Walking shoes
  • Drinking water
  • Notebook & Pen

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Dr. Dinanath Rai, the man with the Idea and the inspiration. He is Renowned Social worker, Psychologist, Yoga teacher, Author of many books and Chief volunteer of this heritage walk. Click Here

Our Chief Advisor

Shri Debashish Nayak, Advisor, Heritage Programme, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Gujrat University, Ahmedabad (Gujrat).

Dr. Debashish Das Gupta, Professor, IIM, Lucknow.