About Kundalini

Kundalini is the primal energy vitalizing the human organism. In its most subtle form it is the manifestation of highest consciousness, in its gross form it manifests as sexual energy. Kundalini is that aspect of aspect of universal life force, prana, which specifically animates human beings. Reich calls thus energy orgone. S. Freud call it Libido, Para-Psychologists call it bioplasma and yogis call it Kundalini Shakti.

Kundalini is a dormant primordial energy situated at the bottom of the spine. It can be awakened by various methods which can be practiced individually, or in combination. In Kundalini Yoga, different parts of the brain are connected with the chakras, which are vortices of psychic energy. When any Psychic in the body wakes up, the whole consciousness of the mind changes. The major endocrine glands are closely linked with the Chakras: gonads – swadhisthana, adrenals-manipura, thymus-anahat, thyroid-vishuddhi, pineal- ajna, pituitary-shasrara, mooladhara chakra is a associated with the perineal body. There are six chakras in the human body, which are directly connected to the higher, unilluminated centers of the brain. These include the mooladhara situated in the pelvic floor, swadhisthana, which controls the unconscious in man, manipura, which controls the entire processes of digestion, assimilation and temperature regulation in the body, anahata lies in the vertebral column behind the bake of the heart, at the level of the depression in the sternum. Then, vishuddhi lies at the level of the throat pit in the vertebral column. Ajna, the sixth and most important chakra controls the muscles and the onset of sexual activity in man. Kundalini can be awakened in an individual chakra, or it can awaken throughout the network of chakras collectively. From each, the awakening shock moves up to the top of sahasrara. However, the awakening is not sustained and those centres in the brain return to dormancy. If kundalini awakens in an individual chakra, the experiences which are characteristics of that chakra will be brought into consciousness. The most important method for awakening kundalini is kriya yoga, which, which can be practiced even by people who are not familiar with yogic techniques.

The practices of Kundalini yoga, the mudras and bandhas have a direct bearing on the endocrinal functions, and nervous balance and imbalance, attachment and detachment, nervous welfare, nervous imbalance, nervous breakdown, everything is subject to the state of human consciousness. The moment you change your consciousness, everything is gone. All of these things are experiences, they are not permanent realities love, sympathy, hatred, jealously will human with you no matter what you do, no matter how many doctors you go to, no matter how many psychiatrists you visit. They will be with you, unless you have transcended that state of consciousness.