Kundalini Yoga with Psychotherapy (KYPT)

KYPT is a means of coping with life rather then avoiding it. It will give you the strength required to face all problems with equanimity. Even though the final goal of transcendental awareness may still be for all, as you follows this path you will become healthier and stronger. Life was take on new meaning and you will have more energy with each new day.

The endocrine glands manufacture certain chemical compounds called hormones which regulate all the function of the body. The body and personality are dependent on the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and for the maintenance of good health. To attain optimum health every gland must work efficiently and in hormony with other glands. The major endocrine glands form the basis of Kundalini therapy.

The aim of Kundalini yoga with psychotherapy (KYPT) is two fold. On the Psychic level it opens up the chakras so that more energy can be transmitted through them. On the Physical level it rebalances the endocrine so that this energy can be received and properly relegated for the promotion of health and vitality through out the whole body-mind complex. With the awakening of kundalini new hormones are released by the pituitary and the balance of the chakras and endocrine nears perfection. Thus all body functions are ordered and total health results.

Psychotherapy offers reassurance and can be very valuable in terms of giving support rather than treatment, so that the individual does not give in to his anxiety and fear, but rather feels that he is experiencing something positive which will lead him towards growth and maturity.

The old psychiatric views dangerous if it is not seen in its correct perspective. certainty there are pathological states of consciousness which are best looked after through the psychiatric mode. However, if we are to evolve into higher realms of understanding there are modes of consciousness that, though they differ from the norm, are as valid to the survival and growth of the individual and society as our normal waking consciousness. Kundalini yoga with psychotherapy helps us to become familiar with the inner world and its components, so that when spontaneous experiences of the mind or spirit come we are equipped to handle them.