Why to choose KYRI?

Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KYRI) is one of the best spiritual organization of the country. It is a sacred space, that offers peace and serenity. Unlike various other so called centres present in the country. Our centre was listed in "THE DIRECTORY OF INDIAN SYSTEMS OF MEDICINE AND HOMOEOPATHY IN INDIA-1998" published by Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & family Welfare, Govt. of India, 1998, Page 271.

KYRI is recognized by U.P. Tourism Directorate, Lucknow (Letter No. 13718/6/TT/2002 dt. 23.12.2000) and recommended by the National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune (Maharashtra) (Letter No. ½ (4)/895 dt. 5.11.1999).

A very rich library is available in the KYRI and comprising of almost all the book based on Kundalini, Tantra, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Psychology, Yoga topics. As it is well known that practical and theoretical knowledge together make a master.

The KYRI also provides its students with a very exclusive range of study materials, which have been compiled by the Dr. Dinanath Rai, which are rarely provided elsewhere. Even if you coming from any other country or state and you are totally stranger to this city, you need not worry. Yes, you nailed it right. Lucknow City is famous for its rich culture, beautiful architecture, refined speech, unique entertainment style, costumes and manner of locals. We also arrange a Lucknow Heritage walk to you by our volunteers.

  • At the end of the course, the students are awarded the beautiful certificates by KYRI.
  • This centre is affiliated with the Open University of Complimentary Medicine, Sri Lanka.
  • Many Doctors, Engineers, Yoga Teachers, Naturopath, Professors and Students, Administrators, IAS, PCS have learnt Kundalini from KYRI. Many foreign students from USA, UK, Thailand, Malasia, Italy, Poland, Japan, Argentina, Sri Lanka have also learn Kundalini yoga with Psychotherapy from Dr. Dinanath Rai, PhD. Dr. Rai has 35 years experienced in the Department of Psychiatry, CSM Medical University, U.P., Lucknow. He is renowned figure in this field.