Pathway of Kundalini

The third and most important channel (nadi) flowing up the center of the spinal cord is known as sushumna, the synthesis or spiritual nadi. The force of sushumna is kundalini. The sushumna has the nature of fire and is activated by the kundalini.

In tantra, kundalini is said to be sleeping in muladhara chakra in eternal nidra, eternal potentially, wrapped in tamoguna. As long as kundalini are in dormant state, they are considered to be a tamasic force. But when Ida and pingala area balanced, this tamasik force is purified. If Ida and pingala is not balanced, the sadhaka can suffer severe physical, mental and emotional disturbances. Therefore first you awaken sushumna-swar before awakening the kundalini. Sushumna is the pathway of kundalini shakti. Sushumna nadi is of prime importance when we talk about kundalini yoga. The awakening of sushumna may in total imbalance of the nervous system.

The Hathayoga shastra clearly explains that harmony and balance between the mental (Ida) and pranic (Pingla) forces are absolutely necessary before the awakening of sushumna the experience of samadhi.

When Ida flows, the right side of the brain functions, and when pingala flows the left side of the brain operates. When the flow of sushumna is activated the whole brain participates in the activities of life. Sushumna is the pathway for the upward ascent of kundalini, it does not flow through any other nadi. When Ida and pingala flow at the same time and their temperature is equal, kundalini is compelled to travel through sushumna nadi to brahmarandhra, a higher center in the brain. Please remember, one should not awaken kundalini, without first awakening sushumna nadi. Kundalini walks up, you have to give it a passage way. The opening up of sushumna becomes the means of communication between the lower and higher world.