Director's Profile

Dr. Dinanath Rai's interest in the mysteries that govern the unconscious in man propelled him to seek out the relatively little-known concept of Kundalini yoga. Today, Dr. Dinanath Rai (Swami Brahmgyanam), founder Hondy. Director of the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute in Lucknow, is one of the better known exponents in this field.

He has studied extensively in Kundalini yoga with a background in clinical and para-psychology. He has widely travelled in India and abroad and visited USA, U.K., Sri Lanka and conducted workshop on Kundalini.

Born in 1953, he obtained a masters in psychology and an M.Phil in education. His interest in yoga and kundalini power, latent in every person, brought him into contact with Swami Direndra Brahmachari at Aparna Ashram, Mantalai (J&K) in 1969 obtained 'Dip. in Yoga'. Later, he had the opportunity to interact with Sri Swami Satyananda saraswati & Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, who initiated him into the mysteries of kundalini yoga.

Soon after, he also acquired a PhD in yoga education and an MD in alternative medicine from the Open University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka. Dr. Rai met Swami Satyanand Saraswati (Munger), Master of Kundalini Tantra, the man destined to become his spiritual teacher since that day, Dr.Rai has devoted his life to awakening through he practice and teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Through many years of patience and dedication, he manifested Swami Satyanand vision helping to create a beautiful sacred space. Dr. Rai has a warm, compassionate and youthful spirit. His classes are infused with wisdom, inspiration and humor. He also offers individual sessions in Kundalini yoga with psychotherapy.

In February 1981, he established the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute, of which he is presently the honorary director. Brahmalin Mrs. Usha Rai was first Director of KYRI.

According to Dr. Rai, a varied variety of problems including psychosomatic problems, Psychoses, depression, GAD and drug addition can be treated through kundalini yoga with psychotheray. He claims to have treated around 5000 patients successfully to date.

Before commencing kundalini techniques, one has to practice other systems of yoga, especially hatha and raja yoga, says Dr. Rai pawan Muktasana (anti-rheumatic and anti-gastric measures) and the basic practices of Pranayam such as Nadi Sodhana with kumbhak.

Apart from daily sessions, there is follow-up on the patient's progress every 15 days. Antibiotics an medicine such that for blood pressure are reduced slowly. According to Dr. Rai, effects of kundalini become visible in one week. The treatment also encompasses counseling and psychotherapy sessions. According to Dr. Rai, these basic premise is that the patient's confidence increases tremendously.

Kundalini according to Dr. Rai, is a dormant primordial energy situated at the bottom of the spine. It can be awakened by various methods which can be practiced individually, of the in combination. However, the first method cannot be practiced because it is inborn. Says Dr. Rai "In Kundalini yoga, different parts of the brain are connected with the chakras which are vortices of psychic energy". He explains that there are six chakras in the human body, which are directly connected to the higher, unilluminated centres of the brain. If kundalini awakens in an individual chakra, the experiences which are characteristics of that chakra will be brought into consciousness.

Dr. Rai is retired as yoga specialist-cum-psychologist in the Dept of Psychiatry, C.S.M. Medical University (King George Medical College) at Lucknow in the month of February 2013 after 36 years of experience. He is also a trained hypotherapist.

Now he is working as Guest faculty in Institute of Human Conscious & Yogic Science, Lucknow University, Lucknow.

Dr. Rai has participated in more than 200 National and International Conferences and Seminar and presented research papers. He has delivered more than 1000 lectures, lecture-cum-demonstrations and conducted workshops in different academic institutions in India and abroad. He travelled abroad many times and represented KYRI and C.S.M. Medical University. he is member of the advisory board several committees of Government and Universities.

Dr. Rai is also editor of "Health Psychology". Is has authored a number of books on yoga, Ayurveda & personality development